Upton Sinclair's 100%: The Story of a Patriot PDF

By Upton Sinclair

ISBN-10: 1120824699

ISBN-13: 9781120824691

ISBN-10: 115358090X

ISBN-13: 9781153580908

ISBN-10: 1426421133

ISBN-13: 9781426421136

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ISBN-13: 9781603120876

The booklet has no illustrations or index. dealers are entitled to a unfastened trial club within the normal Books membership the place they could choose from greater than 1000000 books for gratis. topics: Literary Collections / normal; Fiction / Political; Fiction / replacement historical past;

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From now on his life would be in danger from this maniac Irishman! Peter hated him--so heartily and genuinely that it served to divert his thoughts from little Jennie, and to make him regard himself as a victim. Yes, in the midnight hours when Jennie's gentle little face haunted him and his conscience attacked him, Peter looked back upon the tangled web of events, and saw quite clearly how inevitable this tragedy had been, how naturally it had grown out of circumstances beyond his control. The fearful labor struggle in American City was surely not Peter's fault; nor was it his fault that he had been drawn into it, and forced to act first as an unwilling witness, and then as a secret agent.

Thereupon Jennie fell silent, and it was possible for Peter to get in a word. He told her of the intrigues against him; the other side had sent somebody to him and offered him ten thousand dollars if he would sell out the Goober defense. Now, since he had refused, they were trying to blackmail him, using his wife. They had somehow come to suspect that he was involved in a love affair, and this was to be the means of ruining him. Jennie still would not let Peter touch, her, but she consented to sit down quietly in a chair, and figure out what they were going to do.

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100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair

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