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By Elmore Leonard

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Detroit businessman Harry Mitchell had had just one affair in his twenty-two years of satisfied matrimony. regrettably somebody stuck his indiscretion on movie and now desires Harry to fork over 100 grand to maintain his infidelity a mystery. And if Harry doesn't pay up, the blackmailer and his affiliates plan to press much tougher -- as much as and together with murder, if important. however the psychos picked the inaccurate pigeon for his or her murderous rip-off. simply because Harry Mitchell doesn'tget mad...he will get even.

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It also explains why, in Babylonian belief, men live on after death as spirits or shades in the Netherworld - as famously reported in Enkidu's dream of the Netherworld in Tablet VII and in the Sumerian poem of Bilgames and the Netherworld. But the trouble was that the god who was executed to provide the blood was not the best material. In one tradition, at least, he was the leader of the rebels, who had instigated a mutiny. Small wonder, then, that mankind could be wayward. Uta-napishti tells his wife in Tablet XI, 'Man is deceitful, he will deceive you', and Gilgamesh duly confirms this unpalatable aspect of human nature by lying to him.

The poet makes it clear right at the beginning that we should expect this: He who saw the Deep, the country's foundation, [who] knew ... , was wise in all matters ... and [learnt] of everything the sum of wisdom. The change wrought in Gilgamesh occurs only after a long history of heroic misdemeanours. At first he does everything wrong. He is king but he does not behave like a king. In Babylonian ideology, as throughout the ancient Near East, the king should be to his people as a shepherd to his sheep, guiding them, protecting them and ruling them with a just and equitable hand.

His enduring achievement was to rebuild the wall of Uruk on its antediluvian foundations, and his military prowess ended the hegemony of the northern city-state of Kish. He appears as a god in early lists of deities and in the later third millennium he benefited from a cult. Later tradition made it his function, as explained in one of the Sumerian poems, to govern the shades of the dead in the Netherworld. Because we have actual records from kings whom the ancients held to be his contemporaries, it is possible that, as perhaps there was once a real King Arthur, so there was once an actual King Gilgamesh.

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