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22, 48] Knowledge is over the F itself. If S welcomes, contemplates, and loves what the faculty of X is over, then S ϕs in accordance with the faculty of X. [implicit] The lover of sights and sounds welcomes, contemplates, and loves the many things. The lover of sights and sounds believes. [51, 52] The philosopher welcomes, contemplates, and loves the F itself. The philosopher knows. [51, 54] C. Digest of Important Conclusions The Argument’s length and complexity make attempting a concise summary ill-advised.

3), Plato and the lovers of sights and sounds do disagree about the nature of knowledge. 40 B. The Two Reconstructions (1) Formalizing the Respective Assumptions Unlike the reconstruction given above (section III), the following two begin with different sets of assumptions about the objects of knowledge and belief. In the first one, Plato’s assumptions are given as {PA1}–{PA4}: {PA1} If X is ‘that which is’, then X is a form. {PA2} If X is both ‘to be’ and ‘not to be’, then X is a sense-perceptible object.

117 In fact, if the dialectical requirement is put in terms of not arguing on grounds that one’s opponents do not accept, it is difficult to see how it differs from an important part of the usual Socratic procedures. But if the dialectical requirement is part of Socrates’ typical methodology, it does not seem to fit the context of the Argument. Plato’s desire to “soothe and gently persuade” the lover of sights and sounds while “disguising from him that he is not healthy” seems to be a kind of consideration that has, so far in the Republic at least, not been a matter of concern, so the dialectical requirement of the Argument is something different from Socrates’ customary way of arguing, which means it is something other than arguing only on grounds that one’s opponents accept.

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