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By Kenneth S Miller

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Employee (W,X, Y,Z). - employee (surname (W), initial (X), grade (Y), level (Z)). then the variables will be instantiated to the arguments of the four structures which themselves serve as arguments to the employee predicate. The answers returned using this form of questioning will be W =smith X=j Y = programmer Z=7 If we wished to make the results particularly intelligible or the program easier to read we could take advantage of the fact that anything beginning with a capita1letter is a variable, and phrase our question as 22 Prolog Programming and Applications 1employee (surname (Surname), initial (Initial), grade (Grade), level (Level».

Edinburgh DEC-IO Prolog supports only integer arithmetic, and the reader should bear that in mind when considering the following material. Furthermore, the other versions of Prolog on which this book is based (see the Preface) have special function sets for integer arithmetic but the operations described in the following sections are applied to real numbers. We recommend that readers familiarise themselves with the arithmetic facilities on their particular version of Prolog. The examples that follow are based on the DEC-lO integer functions, but can easily be applied to other Prolog systems.

There is no assertion that matches with supervises, but there is a rule head which has the predicate supervises and two arguments and therefore a match is possible. The fIrst rule to be examined is therefore supervises (X, Y) :- manager (X), clerk (Y). and Prolog will attempt to use that rule. goals are to be examined from left to right. For the above rule to succeed it is necessary to obtain a match on manager (jones). goal clerk being examined. The fust rule gives no solution and so Prolog moves 'down' the knowledge base to attempt to try and fmd another matching assertion or rule, and encounters the rule supervises (X, Y) :- clerk (X), typist (Y).

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